Award-winning selling system for high-net-worth investors


Affluent investors want more than just advice on investments. Understanding what is important to them, both emotionally and financially, is essential when working with this growing client base.

As part of TD Bank, one of the 10 largest banks in the U.S., TD Wealth Private Client Group provides strategic guidance, integrated wealth-advisory services and private banking options to high-net-worth individuals and organizations. TD Bank sought to humanize wealth management and to increase assets and cross-selling opportunities.


Adler developed messaging that emphasizes TD Wealth’s holistic, goals-based advice and addresses the top concerns of high net worth investors. We then created a visual identity that is familial to TD’s “Bank Human” retail brand, but distinguished for TD Wealth in its luxurious use of black, rich production values and texture as well as aspirational imagery.


TD conducted extensive internal training and external launches to showcase the new brand identity and messaging. This led to widespread acceptance among sales and market share expansion across the product offerings.

The updated collateral, combined with dramatic visuals, resulted in consistent, cohesive communications that motivated high-net-worth investors.

GOLD FCS Portfolio Award Winner — Corporate Image Retail Collateral.