Creating a sub-brand for ultra-high net worth investors


Advisors and firms focusing on high-net-worth investors need comprehensive wealth management services and capabilities. As a provider of enterprise high-net-worth solutions, platforms and services, Pershing offers wealth solutions encompassing the distinctive needs of top-tier households.

Pershing sought a partner to create a collateral system for their high-net-worth strategy to support their RIA and broker-dealer clients serving and/or prospecting this market segment.


Adler developed a narrative platform focusing on “Putting Wealth in Perspective.” We created a sophisticated collateral system featuring solutions designed to meet the complex needs of wealthy clients at every life stage.

The system design features stunning photography, using landscape imagery of exclusive destinations contrasting expansive aerial photos with close-ups that examine details. The new messaging focused on communicating Pershing’s ability to meet the four identified needs of wealthy investors – wealth appreciation, growth, leverage and transfer.


There was widespread home office and field usage of high-net-worth collateral. Additionally, there was increased awareness of Pershing’s wide choice of financial solutions and exceptional support to meet the unique goals and concerns of high-net-worth individuals.