Successful wealth managers break wirehouse ties to gain their new identity


A very successful team of financial advisors decided to terminate their affiliation with a leading wirehouse to establish SYON Capital, a San Francisco, CA-based independent RIA firm. Their biggest challenge was to retain the maximum number of clients who comprised a select number of the nation’s wealthiest families, executives, and entrepreneurs. SYON needed to build strong credibility and trust with existing clients and prospects, demonstrate their ability to continue to provide their hallmark family office model, and communicate that in contrast to the constraints of the broker/dealer model, SYON would have greater freedom and flexibility to more effectively serve clients. The new brand must also convey their key differentiator: a commitment to be a client’s personal CFO and focus on the client’s net keep, not just their net worth.


Adler envisioned and produced a new brand complete with website, visuals, and messaging. In cooperation with the management team, Adler developed a launch announcement and core messaging for SYON’s target audience. The latter were conceived to achieve brand recognition and build trust by underscoring the firm’s focus and expertise in crafting thoughtfully curated and holistic financial strategies to help optimize clients’ capital and enhance both their lives and their legacies.