Bringing language research to life


Respected for their valuable research and insights in the DC space, Invesco has uncovered a significant “language disconnect” between what plan sponsors say and what their participants hear. Their latest research — the 2021 DC language study entitled “Watch Your Language” — is aimed at identifying how plan sponsors can more effectively communicate, close the confusion gap, and help participants turn plan savings into retirement income. Adler’s challenge was to distill this information and bring it to life employing design thinking, making it easily digestible for both plan sponsors and consultants.


Adler developed a consistent visual identity that was carried throughout the collateral suite, which included a navigable white paper and an executive summary. Key insights were highlighted in a bold and comprehensive style across all assets. The supporting findings and statistics added further clarity through employment of clean typography and dynamic data visualization. The resulting success included more than 1,000 US Executive Summary downloads and White Paper requests, as well as 450+ Canadian White Paper requests. The campaign produced more than 700 qualified leads across the US and Canada. Additionally, Adler and Invesco were recognized by their industry in their banner year at the FCS Awards where the “Watch Your Language” campaign won Gold, Bronze, and the Best-in-Show for B2B collateral.