Theme-based selling program


Advisors faced with a sea of investment choices tend to consolidate their portfolios with only a handful of familiar, trusted mutual fund providers. Neuberger Berman sought to establish dialogue with advisors by focusing on broader, timely themes first, rather than promoting individual funds.


Adler was asked to build a selling program based on consultative sale and a thematic foundation focused on growth, income and risk management. Investors’ Playbook is a suite of print and digital materials organized to help advisors engage with their high-net-worth clients in broader discussions about needs and goals. The program includes materials that can be used one on one and in seminars where investment fundamentals and goals-based selling are woven together.


The client coverage team rapidly deployed the Investors’ Playbook program for office visits and saw the materials gaining acceptance with advisors who felt comfortable with the thematic approach. Product profiles, fact sheets and sales ideas continued to be produced in the context of this theme-based program.