High-net-worth investors sub-brand


While retaining the parent’s brand and distinctive imagery, the business brief called for a sub-brand that would resonate with the wealth market and give definition (differentiated content, brand guidelines and collateral) for a newly created division of Wells Fargo: Private Client Services.


Our concept focused on the unique and colorful history of this 160-year-old financial institution. The solution was to feature historical artifacts from its nine museums located across the United States as metaphors for the firm’s positive attributes while maintaining a contemporary feel throughout the new brand.

We created the overall brand look and feel, the overall capabilities brochure, five divisional brochures that were both full size and “take ones,” presentation templates, a proposal-reporting system, stationery items and advertising templates.


We worked closely with its internal department to develop the graphic standards it would execute across literally hundreds of additional documents.

The result was an extraordinary complement of visual support, subject by subject, for the bankers to communicate the virtues of Wells Fargo Private Client Services’ offerings to high-net-worth individuals.