Revitalizing the brand for “The Family Behind Your Family”


The Portfolio Strategy Group (PSG), in business for more than 30 years, was looking to align its name and brand with the evolution of its business and the expectations of the marketplace. In doing so, their goal was to better define themselves as providers of comprehensive wealth management, not just investment managers, offering the broad range of solutions that clients had come to expect.


Inspired by their unwavering commitment to their clients, Adler developed a uniquely warm brand for PSG centered around their new tagline — The Family Behind Your Family. The logo at the heart of their revitalized identity evokes the flower of a wheat stalk — symbolizing renewal, abundance, growth, and prosperity. The distinctive amethyst color unifying their print and digital collateral is rich, yet approachable. A new website, featuring original photographs and quotes of PSG team members, conveys a personal touch and substantiates the firm’s core values and philosophy.