Adler 40-year Anniversary 2019

June 2019

Last month, my company celebrated its 40th anniversary. I have to say, it’s been a helluva ride — from being the only person in the room working at a drafting table with Rapidograph pens, X-Acto blades, benday patterns and Letraset to being surrounded by the most talented and committed staff anyone could ever hope for.

Perhaps more than any other profession in the last four decades, marketing communications has seen the most remarkable evolution of all. It used to take six professionals about three hours to produce a simple slide for presentation. Today it is almost instantaneous. From computer technology to the internet and from changing marketplace expectations and attention spans to social media, the landscape has been permanently altered. The skill sets necessary to be effective communicators on behalf of clients in today’s world would be unrecognizable to someone starting out in our profession 40 years ago.

I am gratified by our continuing ability to learn, evolve and innovate… the longevity of our client relationships… perhaps most of all, the enduring friendship of the Adler team. I am proud to be one of only a handful of firms in our business that has not only survived the decades of dramatic change, turmoil and crises but has thrived in the face of challenges that have humbled many of our peers.

I believe that our culture, our work ethic, our client relationships, our commitment to always taking the high road and our dedicated staff will carry us through the next 40 years and beyond.