SnappSearch display advertising works to dramatically improve performance, by allowing consumers to search real-time inventory inside the ad without leaving the page.

SnappSearch offers an unprecedented combination of features that benefit:


SnappSearch Generates:

  • Dramatically improved engagement rates
  • Higher click-through rates with longer dwell times
  • Lower bounce rates


SnappSearch Provides:

  • Increased revenue since every new search is considered a click
  • Longer dwell times because viewers no longer have to leave the site to interact with the ad
  • Ease of use — the ads are served as easily as conventional ads


SnappSearch Enables:

  • Consumer-driven relevance by offering interaction with the ad
  • Consumer interaction without ever leaving the site they were on
  • A vast amount of data to be available and delivered within the ad

Here's how it works.


Data Integration

The advertiser chooses a database of information and images that will be searchable by the consumer.


Ad Is Served to Publisher

Consumer views the ad, chooses search parameters and clicks on the search button to receive the results.


Viewer Engagement

Results are displayed within the ad without leaving the website. Viewers can scroll through different views of any time in inventory or change criteria for a new search.


SnappSearch offers the consumer so much more than a traditional display ad: Relevance, engagement and choice. And with back-end administrative functions that let you monitor results with real-time analytics you can now make informed decisions as to where to allocate your advertising resources.