Enhance college brand recognition


Manhattanville College magazine is mailed to alumni once a year to coincide with their reunion weekend. The publication is designed to connect current students to alumni and to inspire prospective students by sharing evolving traditions and providing news updates. The magazine is also shared with other colleges, and for evaluation by a committee of peers for college rankings.


The Response

Create a fresh design that respects the history and highlights Manhattanville’s core values while welcoming, in a defining moment in the College’s history, the new President. The articles in the magazine were written with a consistent voice, designed to elevate the College’s brand and, through the increased use and quality of the photography, better supported the goals of the publication.

The Outcome

Adler enhanced the College’s brand recognition and illustrated, to both alumni and prospective students, how the school is evolving and strengthening its core messaging. The arrival of a new President and an updated magazine design confirms Manhattanville’s position as an institution that has a place at the center of the Westchester business community and among the highest- ranked small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast.

Manhattanville College Magazine